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Understanding Digital Sales & Thriving in a Digital World

Updated: Mar 10

The digital marketing industry is an ever-growing industry and there are many jobs available for those looking to get into this field.

A large part of these jobs are customer service roles which would be done by handling online chats, phone calls, emails, and social media posts.

However, there are also other options available for those interested in the digital marketing field such as content writer positions or search engine optimization (SEO) roles. There are also opportunities for management in this type of career.

Digital Selling Basics and Why it Matters to Your Business

In the digital era, you are either growing or dying. You need to be able to keep up with the demand that e-commerce is putting on your business by constantly innovating and adapting.

A study from Forrester Research found that 69% of sales now happen online and about $1 trillion will be spent online in 2020.

What does this mean for your business? It means there’s a higher chance of attracting customers, but also a higher risk of losing them. And what if you have no idea how to start? Then it’s time to learn digital selling basics!

How to Scale Your Digital Sales Efforts

Nowadays, it is vital to understand the role of content marketing in the sales process. A content strategy needs to be implemented at every step of the sales process.

The first step to scaling your digital sales efforts is generating quality leads by building a blog and social media following. This will provide potential customers with valuable information on your product/service as well as a means of connecting with you, so they can follow your sales process.

The second step is understanding how to use content marketing in a way that will bring you qualified leads, or those that are already interested in what you have to offer. The goal is not only to build awareness but also to educate potential customers on the benefits and features of your product/service and why it would best fit their needs.

Understanding How the Buyer's Journey Has Changed with the Rise of Digital Marketing

The buyer’s journey has changed a lot in the past few years with the rise of digital marketing. This is because it has become possible for businesses to interact not just with their customers—but also with potential customers. These interactions now happen at different points in time and in different formats. This is a trend that will only continue to grow as the world continues to shift more and more into the digital age!

Digital marketing can be broken down into four stages:

  • awareness

  • consideration

  • purchase

  • loyalty

These stages are very important when it comes to building relationships with potential buyers.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition by Understanding The Industry and Doing What They Don't

We all know that the digital sales industry has undergone dramatic changes over the last decade. The success of a business depends on its ability to stay ahead of its competition and keep up with all the changes.

The industries that have flourished in this new world are those that are able to incorporate technology into their marketing efforts and rely on it as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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