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The Instagram Algorithm and How it's Changing Your Feed

Updated: Jan 12

In 2018, Instagram introduced a new algorithm that changes its way of displaying content.

They changed the way they show posts on the Instagram timeline.

They now rank posts based on engagement, meaning that they are no longer showing us posts in chronological order. The new algorithm was announced with a post on the Instagram blog explaining that “the order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.”

As a result, people are now worried about what this means for their engagement rates and how it is going to affect them as an influencer or business owners.

What Happens When You Upload a Photo on Instagram?

Instagram is among the most popular social media sites today. It has more than 500 million active monthly users and has increased by 10% in one year. As an active user, you might be curious to know what happens when you upload a new photo on Instagram. It is typically used by people to post pictures of themselves, their friends, and their pets. The app uses these pictures to show you other people who have similar interests.

Nowadays, Instagram is also being utilized by business owners in showcasing their products and services or building their leads by uploading engaging posts and reels. Since then, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies used by entrepreneurs and businesses.

How to Make Your Posts Work for the New Instagram Algorithm

Instagram has been trying to make its platform more personal and interactive. To create a better user experience, they have implemented a change in the algorithm that suggests content that you are more likely to interact with. This means that your posts will either be shown on the Explore page or in your followers’ feeds. If you want them to be seen by more people, then it’s time for a new strategy.

But how does one develop this strategy? Luckily, we're here to help!

The best way to make your post-work for this new algorithm is by creating something different and unique. Quality over quantity. Engage with your audience and give them a great experience that they won’t forget about anytime soon. Instead of just posting one stellar post and forgetting about it, you should consider posting multiple posts for your Instagram account in a day. Bloggers will know that this method is called "blogging," but now Instagrammers can blog too!

What are the Different Types of Posts That Work Well with the New Instagram Algorithms?

A lot of content creators are worried about the new Instagram algorithm; this is because it seems like a lot of their posts now don't get seen. This is because when Instagram switches to an algorithm, it chooses which post to show based on factors like what kind of post, when it was uploaded and how many followers you have.

"Visual content is still king on Instagram."

But with the new algorithms, text-based posts can also see a lift in performance.

Furthermore, there are different types of posts that work well with the new Instagram algorithm:

  • Text-based posts are a good idea to post on your account as they do not rely on any images to be successful.

  • Videos that make use of text overlay features and video cutouts to include a call to action or major point to grab the viewer’s attention.

  • Posts with videos are also a great way to get the most out of Instagram’s new algorithm because they can be watched without sound and still understood.

The Positive Effects of the New Instagram Algorithm for Businesses

The new Instagram algorithm has been rolling out on the app over the last few months and it has created a lot of buzz. The new update is going to transform the way we upload content on Instagram. The main focus of any business’s social media strategy should be to create meaningful interactions with its audience, and this is what will eventually lead to increased business success.

The New Instagram Algorithm is the best thing that has happened to businesses, at least since IG became a popular platform. They now have several options including uploading Stories, Captions, or even live videos to promote their business and connect with their audience in ways that were not possible before.

It has been a blessing for businesses as it has allowed them to reach their target audiences in a better way and find potential customers. It also allows businesses to focus on creating the right content and reaching out to their target audience. Lastly, it also helps them build trust with the followers they may have lost because of IG's previous algorithms.

The New Instagram Algorithm Brings Mixed Results

The introduction of an algorithm to Instagram’s news feed has brought mixed opinions from the public. Although some say it is a positive change, others are unhappy with this new move. Users have been noticing that their page views have dropped and that posts don't stay on the feed for as long as they used to. This is a direct result of the new algorithm, and it is essential that algorithms can be easily molded by popular opinion because they rely on what we click to work effectively.

If you’re having difficulty getting posts out and reaching the right audience, then we have some good news for you. We at Xippi Digital offer social media management services that focus on getting optimal results through the use of statistics. Give us a call at 915-615-3007 and we’ll get you settled right away!

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