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How to Get Started with Marketing Statistics and Why it is Important for Growth and Success

Updated: Jan 12

Marketing statistics reveal the impact of campaigns. You can't grow your business until you understand how to get started with marketing statistics.

Why it Matters: A marketer’s success relies heavily on the numbers, understanding them, and applying them to our campaigns.⁣ You have a ton of data, but do you know what to do with it?

What is Marketing Statistics?

Marketing Statistics is the study of marketing data that includes quantitative data and numbers. The goal of marketing statistics is to provide marketers with insights into their industry, product, or service as well as provide them with predictions for the future.

In this section, you will learn about the importance of understanding marketing statistics to shape your marketing campaigns effectively.

Why Tracking Your Marketing Statistics Matters

"You need to pay attention to the trends and learn from them, as well as focus on what areas of marketing will yield the best results."

It is always a good idea to track your marketing stats and study when you are performing well and when you are not. It is important to know where your efforts are going so that you can adjust accordingly.

There are several stats that the most popular social media networks have available for their users. You will want to be sure that you have these stats, not just for one but all of your social media channels. These will allow for better analysis of marketing efforts across different platforms, and this can help in future endeavors in terms of what channels one chooses to use or what regions they market in.

The Importance of Tracking Social Media Stats

Social media has become an integral part of the way that most people communicate and interact with their communities. Businesses, in particular, use it as a way to develop relationships with potential and current clients.

It is important to track various social media stats to know how successful they are on a platform so that they can improve their social media presence or change strategy if necessary.

How to Track Your Marketing Results with Google Analytics & KISSmetrics

Lately, more and more marketers are relying on different tools to track the success of their marketing efforts. KISSmetrics is a great way to track your marketing results. You can do this by using Google Analytics and KISSmetrics together.

With the integration of both these tools, it is much easier to get a 360° view of the marketing data that you are generating. Google Analytics and KISSmetrics work together to provide you with the insights that you need for your marketing campaigns.

Let Marketing Statistics Help You Gauge How Successful Your Marketing Strategy Is

Marketing statistics can help gauge how successful your marketing strategies and campaigns are. These stats will help you answer questions such as "What is working?", "What is not working?," and, "What needs to be improved?"

This article concludes that measuring blog success isn't just about how many visitors it gets. It's about what those visitors do: whether they're signing up for your newsletter or sharing your posts.

If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one, then the following things are important to measure:

- How many people visit the blog each month?

- What percentage of those visitors engaged with the post--by adding comments, shares, likes, etc.?

- What percentage of those who visited the blog clicked on a link to go

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