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5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies If You Have A Limited Budget

Updated: Mar 10

Are you generating traffic, leads, and conversions? If not, you need to include a solid digital marketing plan in your budget, and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, you can run an effective digital marketing campaign with a limited budget. But to optimize marketing spend, you will need to focus on campaigns with potentially high returns.

The following are the five best digital marketing tactics to optimize marketing spending:

  1. SEO content writing

  2. Local SEO

  3. Email marketing

  4. Social media marketing

  5. Link building

SEO Content Writing

One of the most recommended digital marketing techniques is business blogging. You can increase the visibility of your website on search engines by creating more content.

Blogs are responsible for:

  1. 97% more indexed links

  2. 434% more indexed pages

But what happens when you have more indexed pages and links?

For one thing, the number of people visiting your website increases. HubSpot noticed that companies that blog have 55% more visitors.

One company that had incredible success capitalizing on blogging is Ahrefs. In 2015, the company blog averaged 15,000 visitors a month. 3 years later, it increased its traffic by 1,136%. And it did that by posting 2 articles per week in 2 of those years and 1 article per week in 1 of those years. As for revenue, it “only” increased earnings by ten times.

Create high-quality content in the form of informative blogs optimized for SEO. Once these pages appear in search results, the website will receive more visitors. Content writing as a digital marketing plan becomes a low-cost marketing strategy that continually generates traffic over time.

As you can see, a content marketing strategy centered on content writing boosts leads and conversions for higher revenue.

Local SEO

Local and traditional SEO is similar because they help increase online visibility. But local SEO differs because its goal is to boost your visibility in a local area.

Think of the times you searched for a brand, product, or service. Have you noticed how Google often shows results near your location?

Local SEO is one of the best digital marketing techniques used to capture these customers, and as a business owner, showing up in these results is in your best interest.

Some businesses that would benefit from using the services of a local SEO specialist are:

  1. Bars and restaurants

  2. Law firms and lawyers

  3. Medical services and professionals

  4. Pet services

  5. Plumbing services

  6. Real estate brokers and agents

Optimizing for local SEO is also not limited to search engines. For instance, you should even optimize your Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business), so your business can show up on Google Maps, making it simple for the customer to come across.

So, as long as you serve a local community, let a local SEO specialist help fix your Google My Business profile. Even with a tight marketing budget plan, generating revenue can help you grow your company faster.

Email Marketing

If you were to ask which digital marketing services yield the highest ROI, look no further than email marketing.

Besides being a low-cost marketing strategy, email marketing is a content marketing strategy that provides a lot of benefits, such as:

  1. Communicate with existing and future customers

  2. Build brand awareness by sharing company news, products, and services

  3. Generate leads and sales

  4. Capture customer data through feedback and surveys

  5. Enhance brand loyalty by sending personalized content and offering promotions

One thing worth mentioning is that you must have a list of emails to run an effective digital marketing campaign. Having a few thousand is a good start. But until then, it might be best to start with other digital marketing techniques. The idea is to optimize marketing spend by growing organic traffic first.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is yet another of the many digital marketing tactics businesses can use to create opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers. Users spend 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on eight social media and messaging platforms. Based on your customer segments, it can be on one or more platforms.

TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most popular. The resulting ROI can be significant considering the cost of social media marketing.

Link Building

In the context of a digital marketing plan, link building is the process of securing backlinks from other websites. Its purpose is to tell Google that your pages are worth ranking because other websites link to you.

Building links, though, can be a double-edged sword. For instance, it might cause a negative impact if the links come from dubious websites. But with reputable agencies providing Whitehat link-building services, the benefits are tremendous.

When done right, link building can improve your:

Credibility – A reputable, authoritative website that links to you enhances your credibility. And having more quality links directed to your website may help increase your authority.

Traffic – Authoritative websites usually receive many visitors. Some may click on a link that takes them to your website.

Leads & Sales – Website visitors can be potential customers. As such, you have a chance of converting those leads into revenue.

Website & SEO Metrics – Whitehat link-building generated backlinks help improve critical metrics, such as Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Page Rank, and Alexa Rank.

In short, Whitehat link-building techniques by Xippi Digital help you get more exposure and visibility in search engines.

Regardless of your digital marketing budget, there are affordable digital marketing strategies you can use. At any rate, all these strategies presented can help increase your revenue. Xippi Digital guarantees the results by having digital marketing specialists work on your website. We also have an entire team working behind the scenes, researching and analyzing metrics.

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